A famous spot isn't always the best
Taking a walk in Scafati before sunset
Evening lives
Back to the era more than 1000 years ago
Looking down the Taormina sea
The Godfather brought me to Sicily
The white maze
Red T-shirt
A man merges into the landscape
When I felt someone's attention
Procida island
Procida island
Pastel and cactus
Fisherman knows his home by its color
Spacca Napoli
Street in Naples
Chicken shop despite its appearance
Freshly made Polenta, made of cornmeal
Freshly picked Boletus while trekking
Realizing a vast variety of pasta existing
Colori is colors. How cute that sounds.
Morning in Bassano
They sun bath, I foot bath
Stopping in Verona before Venice
An immediate excitement hit me on arrival
Before every sunset l looked for a bridge
Having a flashback of that movie
University in Bologna
Orange arches
The most beautiful beach I've ever seen
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